Call it Spring: Festival Faves

Call it Spring just launched their Festival Favourites picks in celebration of the summer music festival season and we are in love. Besides having a selection that will take you from day to night, and every party and festival in between, everything is priced to purchase usually under the $100 mark. “Wait, I can get more than one pair?!” That’s right sister, whet your whistle on these babies and get ready to covet  add these cutie-pies to your shoe collection. Our market editor, Lauren has played stylist and chosen her top 5 “gotta haves” from the line to help you curate the most spectacular spring/summer shoe collection. See her picks below and get shopping!

1) The “Afareviel”

Lauren : Seasons come and season go and it seems that the gladiator sandal is as strong of a style as its moniker suggests. The ‘Afareviel” is as versatile as a shoe can get- wear these with everything from jean shorts to long maxi dresses .I love the chunky block heel for that hint of height as well as the fresh white colour which will match perfectly with Spring’s palette of pastels, sun bleached pinks,marigold…heck, every colour really.

AFAREVIEL 70 Call it Spring: Festival Faves

Afareviel, $50.00

Pair with:

2) The “Crilama”

Lauren : We voted, and the “Crilama” wins our “Cutest Adaptation of a Ballerina Flat” award. This little cutie is another one that excels at versatility. I would wear these from the office to the beach, on the weekend and everywhere in between.

CRILAMA 72 Call it Spring: Festival Faves

Crilama, $40.00

Pair With:

3)The “Eowalellan”
Lauren: Show me anything powder blue this season and I’m all in (read: obsessed). I love matching it with bright whites and navy blues and find that it’s the perfect way to update my current “I live in Canada, therefore its still cold” wardrobe,which is admittedly a little dark and blah. The Powder Blue colour of the “Eowalellan” adds a modern freshness the chunky heel silhouette. These would be perfect for the office, a garden party and anything where “classy” is the dress code. I’ll be wearing these to my upcoming Bridal Shower parties this summer. Who says the Bride is the only one who gets something blue?

EOWALELLAN 7 Call it Spring: Festival Faves

Eowalellan, $TBA

Pair With:

4) The “Harmes”
Lauren: Oxfords have been one of my springtime staples since 2000 (the year I declared war on  plastic flip-flops after a summer of blisters). I love pairing these with boyfriend jeans and layering a simple t-shirt and fitted blazer over top. White “Harmes” play into my obsession with the shade this summer. For an unexpected twist pair them with summer dress or a flirty a-line skirt.

HARMES 70 Call it Spring: Festival Faves

Harmes, $40.00

Pair With:

5) The “Jechta”
Lauren: Can you say “HELLLLOOOOOO NURSE!” ?! The “Jechta” shoe is basically screaming “TAKE ME OUT!” Wear these with everything, wear them with nothing icon wink Call it Spring: Festival Faves (Heyoo! Neon shoes bring out the sassy in me). Mix with a monocromatic look (denim on denim or variations of black and whites are my faves!) to allow the shoes to pop. I’m a fan of keeping it simple to really allow the shoes to shine; think basic white t-shirt and black shorts or jeans and a white silk blouse. All eyes will be on you and your pretty neon shoes. Just make sure you get a proper pedicure first (nasty winter feet need not apply, mmkay?)

JECHTA 67 Call it Spring: Festival Faves

Jechta, $45.00

Pair With:

Runners (and heels) up:

Lauren: It was impossible to only chose 5 favourites, so here are five more that I love! xo

Check out Call It Spring’s Website HERE for store location, prices and online shopping.

 Call it Spring: Festival Faves
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You’re invited: Blackbird Jewelry’s Occult Collection launch

You’re invited to Blackbird jewelry’s occult collection launch party this Wednesday, April 16th! Join the Blackbird designers, Regan Hayes and Vanessa Marino as they celebrate the launch of their latest collection, ‘Occult” at OZ 135 Ossington Ave, from 7-11pm.

224 Youre invited: Blackbird Jewelrys Occult Collection launch The collection was inspired by the magic and mystery of a witchy woman. She is a powerful and beautiful enchantress adorned in opulent trinkets and charms from another realm.Incorporating heavy layers of gunmetal chain, and shiny geometric acrylic shapes with hints of rhinestone and quartz, each piece is filled with mysteries and secrets only known to the wearer. And thus, the Occult collection was born.

Joining the designers are the Blackbird Cover (#BBCoven) A group of female creatives who have each created a personalized vignette featuring a piece from the new Occult collection as well as trinkets reflecting their personal talents and tastes. The Blackbird Coven consists of blogger Gracie Carroll, stylist Amarsana Gendonova, JOLIE handbags designer Ivy Chen, 889 co-founders Emily Ridout and Christine Russell and musician Marnie Herald.

Check out the Facebook invite HERE. 



 Youre invited: Blackbird Jewelrys Occult Collection launch
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Brit Wacher FW14

Brit Wacher continues on with her unique design aesthetic for her FW14 collection shown at World MasterCard fashion week.It has an air of mystery about it; featuring heavily asymmetrical, layered pieces with bold and unique lines.

SS1 6749 735x1024 Brit Wacher FW14

After graduating from Vancouver’s La Salle University ,Wacher travelled to Asia working as a stylist. She then moved on to Arnhem to work under Dutch designer Pauline Van Dongen – it was during this time that Brit honed in on her creative direction with the concept of merging fashion with science. Returning to Canada she took part in the late Montreal fashion week – now hitting the Toronto fashion scene this past season for her debut at WMCFW – she will also be showing her line again this coming April at Toronto |FAT| Arts & Fashion Week. We caught up with Brit to chat about what inspires her, how she feels about being in Toronto and the challenges she faces in her field.

SS1 6762 671x1024 Brit Wacher FW14

U: You use to show in Montreal at the now defunct ‘Montreal Fashion Week’ (Produced by Groupe Sensation Mode) How did you feel when you found out the event was cancelled indefinitely?

BW: I have mixed feelings about Montreal Fashion Week, however I think this is an opportunity for Montreal to create something new and fresh. I wanted to come to Toronto as well; it would be nice to become established in both cities.

U: Was there a defining moment for you when you knew this (fashion design) was your passion? 

BW: I loved the rush of preparing a small collection each semester [at school]. Fashion has many deadlines and I guess I have grown to love them.

 U: What was the inspiration behind your FW14 collection?

BW: ‘Perspectivus’ is based on a retrospect of perspective, perception, and mental outlook overtime.

U: What is your greatest challenge and triumph as a designer?

BW: It is always a similar battle whilst creating; between artistic vision, practicality and commercial appeal. A triumph is seeing someone wearing and enjoying my clothes.

Tarah Kennedy

 Brit Wacher FW14
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Spring 2014 Beauty Trends

Goodbye jewel tones, heavy foundation, and hat head – “effortless” Spring beauty has arrived! The beauty trends of SS14 are beautiful, and realistic for everyday life.

minimal cateye Spring 2014 Beauty Trends

Tracy Reese SS14 featured a gorgeous minimal cat eye. The virtue of this look is that it feels light and fresh because mascara isn’t piled on. It is more so about accentuating the shape of the eye. Use a waterproof liner and a heavy hand, making sure to keep the lines clean. Apply only a few sweeps of mascara, just enough to darken your lashes but not enough to lengthen considerably.

milkmaid braids Spring 2014 Beauty Trends

The models for Naeem Kahn (left) and Rebecca Minkoff (right) sported sleek milkmaid braids. This look is pretty much universally flattering, as it can be worn with a side or middle part. If you have thinner or shorter hair, move the braids further back towards the crown of your head, where the circumference is smaller.

darkeyes Spring 2014 Beauty Trends

Rebecca Taylor SS14 paired white, airy clothing with dark, punchy eyes. To get this look use a shimmery gunmetal grey on the lid to draw light to the area, and tight line both the upper and lower lids with a dark pencil. Lips should be kept minimal to avoid looking too done.

sleeklocks Spring 2014 Beauty Trends

Helmut Lang embodied the spirit of spring with ultra clean parts and flushed skin. Use an in shower oil hair treatment so your locks are moisturized and soft before blow drying and straightening. To set your part, use a fine tooth comb and hairspray. Blow dry with the part close to the scalp on a high heat setting to smooth any flyways. Use a blush that gives you the same colour as if you had done light exercise (or something naughtier).

halfup braid Spring 2014 Beauty Trends

Top do’s (or half ups, or crazy Miley Cyrus top buns, whatever you want to call them) were all the rage at Clover Canyon SS14. Twist em’, clip em’, throw them in a funky braid – whatever you do, make sure you divide the top section of your hair using the end of a rattail comb to ensure a clean, even separation.  Party in the top, business in the bottom is what this look is all about.

contouring Spring 2014 Beauty Trends

Sachin and Babi SS14 provides us with the most universally flattering spring 2014 beauty trends. Naturally contoured cheeks and a effortless side part braid result in a put together, gorgeous look. Use a taupe shade to contour if you’re extremely fair, apricot if you’re beige to tan, and rose if you’re dark. Keep the eyes natural with a brown smokey eye, extending shadow no farther than the outer third of the lower lid to keep the look fresh.

What are your favourite spring 2014 beauty trends? Let us know on Twitter @unlabelledco!

 Spring 2014 Beauty Trends
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Lulu B X Matthew Gallagher FW14

We were thrilled when we heard that another Lulu B X Matthew Gallagher FW14  jewellery collection would be hitting the stage at World Mastercard Fashion Week.

SS1 8789 399x600 Lulu B X Matthew Gallagher FW14


Last year LuLu B designer and geologist, Mary Lou Banks teamed up with the Gallagher to create an unforgettable opulent collection of jewellery to compliment his SS14 luxury resort wear. Needless to say we couldn’t wait to see what the duo came up with next.

LULU B DESIGNS 21 800x512 Lulu B X Matthew Gallagher FW14


LULU B DESIGNS 22 800x564 Lulu B X Matthew Gallagher FW14

This season the inspiration for the collection was driven by the Edwardian and Victorian era with modern raw twist; think magnificent settings, crown jewels, jewel encrusted brooches and then mash that that with raw almost prehistoric looking stones, unpolished in their natural state and you have the Lulu B X Matthew Gallagher FW14 collection. Mary Lou used gold-plated chain, Swarovski crystals, gold-findings and our personal favourite : raw rock quartz to achieve the look.

LULU B DESIGNS 24 800x533 Lulu B X Matthew Gallagher FW14




Lulu B pieces  are available to purchase online and in store at Rue Pigalle,  (927 Queen Street W). We’ll be counting down the days to get our hands on this one!



 Lulu B X Matthew Gallagher FW14
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Little Burgundy X Converse

Word’s out on the awesome collab’ from Little Burgundy X Converse.

We absolutely love art, we definitely love shoes and of course we love Canadian talent! All of these reasons are why we are so pleased that Little Burgundy teamed up with Converse to present: “Shoes are boring. Wear sneakers.”

05 934x604 800x517 Little Burgundy X Converse

MASSIVart organized this new take on the Converse campaign presented by Little Burgundy. Basically, this rad idea was brought to life by having three of Little Burgundy’s storefront windows painted by three talented Canadian artists – can it get better? Yes, it can. Not only did these three artists bring to life their creative street-art-style interpretations of the new Converse campaign, there was also a video created featuring the artists and their processes.

Screen Shot 2014 04 07 at 4.31.48 PM 800x410 Little Burgundy X Converse

The video, directed by Ombrew et Lumières shows these artists in their creative spaces getting ready and heading to the Little Burgundy stores to get to work. We get to watch video snaps of the artists in their process and of course, we get some great close-up shots of them putting on different styles of Converse shoes, the timeless shoe you can always rely on.

The windows are located in three of Canada’s largest cities, which the artists reside in. Jeremy Shantz in Montreal, Kestin Cornwall in Toronto and Scott Sueme in Vancouver. If you live in one of these cities, you should definitely go and check them out!

Screen Shot 2014 04 07 at 4.32.21 PM 800x422 Little Burgundy X Converse

Also, make sure you check out the ^ video showing how awesome art, videography and fashion can be when you bring them all together.

-Tarah Kennedy

 Little Burgundy X Converse
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Essential Spring Footwear from Nasty Gal

Strappy sandals and and demure floral shades beware, funky spring footwear is in the air! And we mean literally – the best and brightest of this seasons collections feature sky high platforms and your mothers florals.

Screen Shot 2014 04 03 at 11.34.27 AM 800x489 Essential Spring Footwear from Nasty Gal–floral

Our inspiration: vintage shapes, vibrant tropical patterns, very high heels, and a level of funky only achieved by neon and animal print.

spring footwear inspiration Essential Spring Footwear from Nasty Gal

We may have to acknowledge that Robin Thicke may be *remotely* responsible for the sneaker ‘flatform’ trend. While the controversial video for Blurred Lines is now certifiably overplayed, we can’t help but take another look at how amazing the models legs looked in white flatforms. The low cut ankle accentuates the narrowest part of the ankle, making calves look toned and giving all the height benefits of a heel without the formality or discomfort.

Screen Shot 2014 04 03 at 11.35.05 AM 800x239 Essential Spring Footwear from Nasty Gal

For those less confident in the ankle area, opt for a flatform with an ankle strap. They tend to elongate the area and adjust the focal point to be slightly higher.

Screen Shot 2014 04 03 at 11.33.59 AM Essential Spring Footwear from Nasty Gal

When a more mature style is desired,  the latest Nasty Gal spring footwear delivers in the form of retro powder blue open toed mules.

Screen Shot 2014 04 03 at 11.34.43 AM 800x404 Essential Spring Footwear from Nasty Gal

If you’re headed to a festival, especially one that takes place over several days, make sure you don’t forget a closed toe boot that works with bare legs and pants. Wearing sandals all day and dancing in a large group are surefire ways to ruin a pedicure. Having solid backup footwear is essential when you want to hide your cracked, tired feet and peeling nail polish in comfortable socks.

Screen Shot 2014 04 03 at 11.34.08 AM 800x487 Essential Spring Footwear from Nasty Gal

See more looks we love below. We probably should have included rainwear, but that would just be too practical.

 Essential Spring Footwear from Nasty Gal
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Anu Raina FW14

Anu Raina presented a fun and spunky FW14 collection at the Tents during World Mastercard Fashion Week. It’s always a joy to see what the Toronto textile and fashion designer comes up with; from her kaleidoscopic prints to textiles inspired by the maps of Toronto, Raina’s designs are always playful, bold, and full of joy. Raina teamed up with  Tania Gleave to create the one-of-a-kind jewellery pieces that complimented the collection, from 3D box earrings to chunky necklaces.

13380779945 47140b20d2 b 425x600 Anu Raina FW14

13381152424 25d838fb87 b 415x600 Anu Raina FW14


Colours and textures of black , malachite green, ochre, prunes, purples, teals and cobalt blue were present throughout the collection. Raina was inspired by the Toronto and GTA palette taken from nature and the city’s backdrop of signals and signs.  Using both expressionist and realist interpretations of the city’s scenes, Raina’s textiles are a play on the Toronto skyline, Lake Ontario, downtown at night, and smaller regions of Toronto.

13381149054 8f3909785f b 400x600 Anu Raina FW14

13380791175 18e42592a3 b 411x600 Anu Raina FW14

Retro silhouettes coupled with beautiful and unique textiles complete Raina’s vintage-modern aesthetic,  creating a collection that suggests the discovery of a brilliant diamond in the rough.

 Anu Raina FW14
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Menswear FW14 Trends

Menswear FW14 trends was one of my favourite highlights of WMCFW. I was pleasantly surprised during World Mastercard Fashion Week by the amount of menswear that walked the runways. Most of the collections had a feeling of old world nostalgia with a youthful lift to them – think your grandfather’s wardrobe mixed with a ‘Queen West’ modern man’s attire.  These designers brought their A-game for a texture heavy Fall/Winter series of collections. Ladies will be swooning over the men of Toronto this coming fall!

GP2 60762 399x600 Menswear FW14 Trends

Rolled up denim was a popular look shown – best done, in my opinion by Outclass; having different patterns on the inner side of the pant showing off. The inspiration behind the collection was Canada’s northlands; using reds, blues and yellows all with great textures. “Out Of The Woods” had a strong 20-something clean-cut lumberjack essence to it. He strongly represented the “416”, especially with the large shout out to the area code on the back of a red varsity jacket.

GP2 58301 399x600 Menswear FW14 Trends

One of the most fulfilling looks I saw was the 3-piece casual suit happening at Klaxon Howl. He had dudes in wonderfully cut pants, simple collarless button-ups, vests and blazers.  He also gave a nod to mid 20th century country work wear throughout the collection but specifically with adorable wool overalls.

GP2 60521 399x600 Menswear FW14 Trends

Christopher Bates sent down a plethora of handsome this season featuring leather on leather, pinstripe on pinstripe and old school suspenders. His collection was fit for gentlemen with unique style – his first look featured a trench coat that was perfection. His pieces were impeccably tailored with great detail. I especially loved when he came out at the end of his show looking like a fox in his tuxedo!

GP2 55331 399x600 Menswear FW14 Trends

This season Bustle decided to go with a much more muted colour palette than their intensely bright SS14 collection. They used multiple tones of blues, greens, greys and blacks with interesting textures. They showed well-tailored cargo and plaid pants, drawstring trousers (some in quilted leather), two-toned turtlenecks and more which were all inspired by longshoremen. Bustle, like Klaxon Howl, put together diversely textured separates to create a casual three-piece suit look. A stand out dockworker look I loved was the denim on denim with a twist – the light jean jacket was lined with a vibrant orangey-red plaid.

bustle 1 399x600 Menswear FW14 Trends

Other trends that stood out were leather detailing, especially of the patchwork variety on jackets and vests. Also, waxed denim – specifically at Krane, which is a signature look of theirs.

GP2 94331 444x600 Menswear FW14 Trends


Overall the verdict is that men are going to look rad this coming FW14 season, thank goodness the women’s wear at fashion week was also incredibly strong and lush to keep up.


 Menswear FW14 Trends
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Melissa Nepton FW14

Melissa Nepton showed off a sporty and feminine FW14 collection at World Mastercard Fashion Week.  Using light and winter white palettes was one of the many trends seen hitting the runways and Nepton’s use of creams, blush, neutral greys was one of my favourite examples of the light tones we’ll be seeing next fall. With pieces done in soft leather, quilted sleeves, chunky knits and Nepton’s signature prints and texture texture texture she continued to elevate her brand while showcasing the signature comfy-chic Nepton aesthetic.

GP2 4669 399x600 Melissa Nepton FW14

images George Pimentel

GP2 4738 399x600 Melissa Nepton FW14

Images George Pimentel

GP2 4778 399x600 Melissa Nepton FW14

Images George Pimentel

“For me, fashion is an expression of rigour that impacts women’s lives in a positive way. And in return, women bring to fashion a sense of sensuality, fluidity and femininity. It’s a communication rooted in comfort, practicality and confidence,” said Nepton. “There is a feminine casual vibe throughout my Fall/Winter 2014 collection which is synonymous with the Mélissa Nepton brand.” Melissa Nepton

 Melissa Nepton FW14
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